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Marsala and the Sicania lands

Happiness in three moves: windmills, excellent wine and unspoiled nature.

“Giusto è che questa terra, di tante bellezze superba, 
alle genti si addìti e molto si ammiri, opulenta d’invidiati beni e ricca di nobili spiriti”.


A drop of light in the Mediterranean

Marsala is located on one of the trade routes in the Mediterranean, a position that over the decades has allowed different peoples such as the Arabs, the Punic, the Phoenicians, the Romans and the Byzantines to pass and leave something of their culture. A culture that still echoes in art, food and the whole territory. You will be enchanted by its sea landscapes, its small islands, the salt pans and the hills that make it a true hymn to the variety of nature.

Marsala is a fascinating and unmissable city that enjoys a territory with uncontaminated natural areas, places rich in history and art, and evocative landscapes with a timeless and dreamy atmosphere.
Located at the western end of Sicily, Marsala has a historic center rich in monuments and art, enclosed within sixteenth-century walls. At one time, in fact, it was possible to access the city from several gates, of which Porta Garibaldi and Porta Nuova are still visible today. In the heart of Marsala, you will stroll between liberty and baroque buildings.
A suggestive and unmissable destination? The church of San Giovanni from which you can get to the Sibilla cave where, it is said, that the lilibetan sibyl used to formulate its prophecies and
according to legend, even Ulysses would have quenched his thirst at the source of this cave.

Sicilian lands and its vineyards. A history spanning over 300 years.

Our tour in Marsala and the Sicilian lands will allow you to spend three intense days in the vineyards of Western Sicily to taste the wines of the Sicilian cellars directly from the producer. You can walk the salt roads to stroll among windmills and heaps of white salt, places that offer an intense sense of serenity and calm. An ideal tour for those who love being in contact with nature.

Marsala flavors among unmissable dishes and historic cellars

For cooking lovers, this area is rich and tasty. You will always taste fresh fish and ancient traditional recipes. Some unmissable dishes? Busiate with Trapani pesto, pasta with Matarocco pesto, cunzato bread, just to name a few. Among the unmissable typical desserts, cubbaita, ericini and real pasta.
In our tour, we will accompany you in 5 wineries that represent the variety of the territory and will satisfy your curiosity to know not only Marsala, the typical liqueur of the area but many other exceptional wines.
The historic Settesoli cellars founded in 1958. A story made of stories with two thousand members and sixty years of life and lives will be our first stop to get to know this area and its generous fruits.
Following the Di Giovanni Winery, present for 3 generations with a certified organic production cycle since 1997 that produces indigenous and international wines, between Sambuca di Sicilia and Contessa Entellina.
A must-see on our tour, the Planeta Ulmo winery whose history began in the mid-1980s when the family decided to plant the first vineyards around their 16th-century Baglio.
Two hundred and fifty hectares of land, from the sea to the hill, up to an altitude of 400 meters, with exceptional results.
We will continue to the Gorghi Tondi Winery which has been growing its own grapes for four generations within the integral nature reserve, WWF oasis, Lago Preola, and Gorghi Tondi, in Mazara del Vallo.
Finally, the historic Cantine Pellegrino founded in 1880 by a family that has known the area for decades and has refined its methods of cultivating indigenous vines and the techniques of wine-making of the grapes.

Marsala, the dream place with its mills shining with light

Marsala has fairytale landscapes with its fiery sunsets silhouetted against windmills and mountains of brilliant salt. Evocative and romantic places that will give you the serenity of which every holiday must be a bearer.
The Via del Sale includes the Saline and the Lago dello Stagnone, where you will admire this ancient and uninterrupted work over time, in a timeless place, immersed in that authentic and wild beauty of which only nature can be capable.

Choose a holiday organized by those who not only know but love the area and want to share it with you!

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