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Palermo nights

Fun among the beauties of the historic city center

Restaurants and wine bars in Palermo

Palermo is not only a cultural and artistic destination full of charm, history and beauty, but it is a city that over the years has become a real pole of attraction for entertainment and liveliness.

The nights in Palermo are marked by the fun among the beauty of the historic center where you can find dozens and dozens of restaurants of any type of cuisine: Italian, Sicilian, Roman, Cuban, Chinese, Japanese, Arab, Ethiopian. You can taste the interpretation that Sicilian chefs have given to other culinary cultures, discovering surprising and unique flavors.

Restaurants in the open air, on the sea, in the heart of the historical squares of the city but also inside noble palaces or on the top of romantic terraces on the roofs of Palermo. In the last years, thanks to the requalification of the old city center and its pedestrianization, Palermo has seen the birth of wine bars where you will find fine selections of Sicilian wines and not only, but also places which offer fresh and thirst quenching drinks and artisanal beers. Wine bars in which you will taste wines which are the result of an enological tradition which is getting stronger and stronger during the years, making Sicily a mandatory destination for wine lovers.

Theater, music and cinema in Palermo

At different times of the year, you can take advantage of guided tours to discover Palermo by night to discover its charm when the sun goes down and turn on the romantic orange lights of its streets crunching with cobblestones and stories.

In the center you will find the Biondo theater, the Politeama theater and the Massimo theater, the main theaters of the city where you can spend unique moments but also several historical cinemas that offer different programs in every season of the year.

For those who love music, in addition to the talented street artists, you can listen to concerts organized in the pedestrian squares but also in places that offer musical groups of Palermo. Some museums in the summer organize reviews of classical music in different historical places of the center.

Palermo for all tastes

The movida in Palermo is suitable for different age groups so you will find fun whatever your passions are and it will be a way, further, to learn new aspects of the culture and history of Palermo. A culture that is also expressed in the Sicilians’ way of having fun: extroverted, exuberant, noisy. 

The streets of Palermo welcome tourists all year round and, thanks to the mild climate, the people of Palermo also love to live in the city center. It will be an opportunity to meet new friends and get stories and tips from those who live it daily.

Palermo is beauty even with the lights off, you will not be disappointed.

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