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Sicily: a mosaic of experiences

Ancient crafts, history of conquests and old glories make this island a land of wonders.

JustSicily has been a member of Connect2Italy for a year and is proud to announce its first contract with a platform partner. We are happy to be part of this great family that in the midst of pandemic has allowed us to open ourselves to the world and communicate the beauty of Sicily to new friends.

It was a pleasure to go around Palermo with our friends Alessandro Mancini and Vincenzo Pizzolante who visited in person the ancient stores of the old quarters among the splendor of the noble palaces. Alessandro and Vincenzo had the opportunity to speak with a couple of artisans who were proud that their handcrafted bag had been reproduced by Dolce&Gabbana. They visited the still existing laboratories of the silversmiths and tilers and then had an aperitif in the historic center of town in a place frequented by many nationalities where the welcome and hospitality is the rule and where, of course, you drink first and then pay.

To share these sensations we invented the Walking Tours through the streets of Palermo that allow our customers to relive the empires that have succeeded in our island, not to mention the Tour of the Florios, the Lions of Sicily, the most exciting family in the history of Sicily.

There are many sensations and unforgettable flavors that Sicily offers and proposes, JustSicily and its founder Giusi Macchiarella know them all and make them unique, original and personalized. We listen to our guests, their needs and guarantee the best service. This is the kind of experience that will make the difference in the post-pandemic world.

We are happy to be connected to the world, we are proud to be Connect2Italy.

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