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Eastern Sicily: Small magical cities

“Sicily is hopelessly beautiful because it reveals to us the splendor of the world that is in us.” – Anna de Noailles

It is impossible to organize a trip to Sicily without planning a tour in the eastern part.

Syracuse, a city built by the Greeks in the eighth century that has suffered the influences of the invasions of Arabs, Franks and Romans is certainly an excellent starting point for a tour of eastern Sicily. The city is very unique, with its unique old town on the small island of Ortigia connected to the city by two bridges. Ortygia can easily be visited on foot, untangling the tiny streets (invaded by tourists, during the high season) and its unique architecture.

Using Syracuse as a point of impetus towards the rest of Sicily certainly can not be missed Noto. Very close town with delightful architecture, a wonderful cathedral and the church of San Domenica. Certainly rising in the limelight for the wonderful work done by Corrado Assenza master ice cream maker and property of the “Caffè Sicilia” acclaimed worldwide for the great quality of its ice cream from becoming the protagonist of one of the documentaries Chef’s Table produced by Netflix .


Modica, on the other hand, will be ideal if your idea of a holiday is to combine a visit to a super-particular city, set on one side of a mountain with a baroque level architecture, to an explosion of taste. Homeland of the most unique chocolate in the world will never disappoint and it will always feel like in “Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory”.

This post is inspired by the article written by Lucas Peterson for the NY Times.


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