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Ustica, the island to which not even Ulysses was able to resist

Cliffs, crystal clear sea and a calm that regenerates you.

The island of Ustica rises small and shining in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, only 60 km from Palermo. Its name derives from the Latin Ustum which means burnt but don’t let yourself be misled. Its angular and dark appearance of volcanic rocks hides a crystalline soul like the blue of its sea. Ustica is the island that not even Ulysses was able to resist, its cliffs, the crystal clear sea and its calm will steal your heart.

There is a wind blowing in Ustica that will smooth out your edges, fill your lungs with good air and your head with sparkling dreams. Hard and sweet as Cesare Pavese defined it, Ustica is small and welcoming, far from the clamor that other islands like to surround themselves with. She doesn’t need it, she has an identity carved in those rocks and in the eyes of those you will meet and who have lived in and of that land for generations. In Ustica you will not find the deaf worldliness nor the ostentation of structures that demolish the identity of the territories, Ustica is true to itself and to its essence and only for this reason how can you not love it?

Marine Protected Area, Ustica is the ideal island for those who love the crystal clear sea and never discounted, many beaches and all different from each other. What will really surprise you will be diving in its waters. Its backdrops rich in precious biodiversity and archaic beauty, are ideal for those who love diving and snorkeling but also for those who simply love the wonder of a clear sea. Caves and bays will allow you to take unique boat rides and admire the red color of the sunset.

You can make a long and rewarding walk along the Sentiero del Mezzogiorno which begins at Torre Santa Maria and, passing through Piano dei Cardoni, Punta dell’Arco, Punta San Paolo, Cala Galera, Punta Sireta and Punta dell’Arpa, Piscina Naturale Azzuffa and ends at Punta Gavazzi. A walk in which you can admire the vegetation of the island making stops to admire its breathtaking scenery.

The unmissable beaches of Ustica:

  • Al Faro
  • Cala S. Maria
  • Cala Sidoti e Caletta dello Spalmatore
  • Scogli Piatti
  • Punta Spalmatore
  • Molo Alto
  • Anfiteatro
  • Scoglitti
  • Piscina Naturale
  • Cala S. Paolo

According to legend, Ustica would be the island of Circe, the sorceress who captured Ulysses, making him stay many years away from his Ithaca. It doesn’t seem difficult to believe it because Ustica is an island for romantic hearts who know how to dream hard and don’t want to settle. Come and live the unchanged magic of this precious island.

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