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What is luxury tourism?

In our industry we often talk about luxury tourism, sometimes it is done to promote the company but not always the products offered are really luxury. In this article we want to explain what luxury tourism is for JustSicily.

Far from being a purely economic issue and financial accessibility that represented the watershed in the past between mass tourism and elite tourism, the luxury sector has evolved in parallel with experiential tourism and is now a real mixture of exclusivity, uniqueness and the highest level.

JustSicily is specialized in tailor-made tourism, which applied to luxury, creates a product that we could define supreme!

Guests express their desires to the reference consultant, JustSicily acquires the wishes and provides to formulate a personalized offer, of the highest quality and attention to detail.

The concept of luxury does not necessarily imply the choice of a 5-star hotel. The real luxury consists in the construction of a truly unique and refined product and is perceived in the care that JustSicily puts in formulating the offer and in following the customer during the itinerary.

Luxury travel may not even be super expensive. Often it is the small details of the places that represent luxury. JustSicily promotes a luxury product that goes out of the standards of organized tourism, out of the catalogs.

The added value of JustSicily is the ability to invent on the spot a product built exactly according to the needs of the traveler. We are able to empathize with customers, even the most demanding, because we listen to their stories, whether they are individuals, families, journalists or groups. Whether it’s a trip, an incentive or an event, Justsicily will marry the requests and it will be unforgettable!

There are many goodies, cuddles and tips as Giusi Macchiarella likes to call them, the creator of these wonderful experiences, but we can not reveal all …

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