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Tips for an unforgettable trip in Sicily!

Travel tips for an unforgettable trip in Sicily


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Knowing new cultures and habits is one of the most exciting aspects of a trip, but it can also be a bit daunting, especially when visiting a new destination. However, here in Sicily, we want you to feel right at home, and that’s why we will be by your side and lead you through this wonderful island, showing you the natural, historical, and culinary treasures that Sicily has to offer.
Enjoy some tips we have put together for you, while we design your next travel experience!

What is coperto or servizio in your restaurant bill

Coperto (or servizio) is a fee (usually 1-2 euro per person) added to the restaurant bill to cover the costs of additional services provided during the meal. It typically includes bread, table cover, cutlery, napkins, service and upkeep.

It’s important to note that coperto is not a tip for restaurant staff, tipping is an additional amount that customers voluntarily give, based on the quality of service, and it is not mandatory. If you want advice about tips in Italy, we will be happy to inform you.

If you want to check the amount before sitting, the coperto must be indicated in the menu (by law), usually as a small footnote or also on the one displayed at the front of the restaurant.

In Sicily we take the midday rest very seriously

There are times during the day when you may notice the city is more quiet: many people are resting, and many shops are closed, in fact – from approximately 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM – many businesses, restaurants, and small shops might close their doors to allow staff to take a break and customers to enjoy a peaceful meal. Although in recent years the cities have changed their rhythms, there are still many small towns that enjoy Sicilian slow life-style.

This is an ideal time for tourists to take a stroll to explore the city’s architecture, visit parks, or take a break at a local café to savour a Sicilian espresso – or to rest a little before the city starts to live again.

Some sicilian words and expressions you may find useful

Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, taking the time to get familiar with some basic sentences can highly enhance your overall experience: in Sicily the dialect is particularly lively!

That’s how Sicilian people enjoy themselves. Arricriarsi is not just to be well or to have fun, but a feeling of great pleasure. You say this when you are living a perfect moment, for example you may find yourself saying “mi sto arricriando” while you’re living your JustSicily’s experience.

This is how Sicilian tell you to eat, and believe us – there’s no other way to make Sicilians happier than to accept their invitation to enjoy their food! They may even tell you “mancia ca t’arricrii!” 

We know driving in Sicily can be very challenging

They say 90% of Sicily drivers don’t respect any regulations and that traffic rules only exist in theory! We can’t deny it: driving in a new city always requires a lot of attention, but we can help you with our pick-up service with qualified drivers!

Contact us to enjoy your experience in Sicily without stress and worries.

Do not be afraid to order an espresso at any time, but…

… keep cappuccino for the early morning! In Sicily (and Italy in general) it is a breakfast staple, often paired with a cornetto.

While this tradition might seem rigid to tourists, it’s a part of our gastronomic heritage. If you find yourself in Italy and want to embrace the local customs, consider enjoying your cappuccino in the morning and switching to a different coffee option after lunch.
For example it’s usual to order a simple espresso or perhaps a macchiato, which is an espresso “stained” with a small amount of milk.

Sometimes is better to ditch the cutlery

One of the delightful aspects of eating in Sicily is the opportunity to enjoy certain foods with your hands, embracing the island’s rustic and communal culture. Arancine, pane e panelle or sfincione are some of the delicious foods you should definitely try eating with your hands. So, when you visit Sicily, don’t hesitate to dive into these delicious dishes with your hands for an immersive and satisfying gastronomic experience.

Don’t forget small change to pay (mainly in markets)

Debit and credit cards are widely accepted across the island, nonetheless we advise you to bring small change for purchases at the local market or for small expenses like souvenirs or water bottles.

How to greet in italian

Italian culture is known for its warmth and hospitality, so here are some ways to kindly greet:

Buongiorno / Buonasera (Good Morning / Good Evening)
Use them when you enter a bar, a shop or meet someone

Arrivederci (Goodbye)
Say it when you’re leaving a place

Ciao / Salve (Hello)
Ciao is a casual greeting commonly used in Sicily, while Salve is another way to say “hello” which is slightly more formal. It can be used in both formal and informal settings.

Now you just have to plan your vacation, and if you want to rely on us to design it we will be happy to let you discover many other curiosities and tips about this island.

Choose JustSicily experts to design your tailor-made experience.

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