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Etna, a territory to savor

“Talk again of Etna, grapes, idleness, laziness, good food, sunshine. It sows a seed in me.”

Henry Miller, Sexus

Etna is more than a place, it is an experience made of authentic beauty, uncontaminated nature, ancestral and deep vibrations that can enchant its visitors.

Etna is a destination that every year attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world who, once known this fascinating land, can not help but return and return again because Sicily welcomes and becomes home for anyone who wants it. 

A territory that has learned to live up to its beauty and its visitors and that has grown year after year, enriching itself with exclusive and high quality structures.

Una natura straordinaria non poteva che favorire la nascita di prodotti enogastronomici eccellenti e conosciuti in tutto il mondo. Sospeso tra mare e cielo, l’Etna possiede un microclima unico, dato dalla presenza di un vulcano attivo che regala forti escursioni di temperature, dal mare poco distante e da una complessa biodiversità che va condivisa, tutelata e soprattutto custodita per preservare questo territorio unico.

An extraordinary nature could not help the birth of excellent enogastronomical products known all over the world. Suspended between sea and sky, Etna has a unique microclimate, given by the presence of an active volcano which gives strong temperature ranges, by the sea not far away and by a complex biodiversity which must be shared, protected and above all preserved in order to preserve this unique territory.

The autochthonous vines of the territory are Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante and Mannella that you will find declined in different expressions because wine is more than a product, it tells about the people who created it, about their experience and their feeling, becoming expression of a territory but also of a community.

Etna is a versatile destination that knows and can adapt to any type of traveler. A sportsman and a nature lover will climb the volcano, walking along its thick paths. Lovers of good food and drink can choose from dozens of typical places. Art and architecture lovers will enjoy the Baroque art expressed in its ancient and flourishing cities.

Such a rich territory cannot be summarized, indeed it must not, so we have created a Wine Tour that wants to live up to your expectations and desires… at great altitudes!

Etna Nord – Wine Lovers Tour

The Etna Nord wine itinerary is one of the most exciting, designed for those who love wine and the coolness of the mountain which offers an ideal refuge from the heat. The tour includes visits and tastings in the most renowned wineries on the slopes of Etna: Tenuta Tascante, Feudo Vagliasindi, Planeta Sciaranuova, Cottanera, Palmento Costanzo to complete with a visit to Etna, the most active volcano in Europe, from which you can enjoy wonderful views of the sea.

Etna is a powerful and defined place, there is no room for nuances, the colors are sharp and beautiful as the feelings that manages to arouse, ancient and strong for a magical and generous land that will remain in your heart.

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