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internal courtyard of Palazzo Castrone - Garden of S. Ninfa in Palermo, with a central palm tree

Short time, long memories.

For us, every journey is tailor-made and every client is unique. However, during the last years we developed a curated package of exceptional experiences designed to capture the essence of Sicilian art, culture, wine, cuisine and beauty in a short amount of time.
If you don’t have the chance to enjoy a long holiday in our beautiful island, you might like our short experiences.
They are a great choice to get a taste of the knowledge and the importance we place on customer care.
JustSicily is the starting point to plan your next adventure in Sicily with us. 

Why choose our “short” experiences

  • Convenience: all arrangements and activities are pre-arranged for you
  • Time-Saving: we selected only the most exclusive experiences, outside the traditional touristic path
  • Value: Benefit of an attractive price point
man cleaning sardines at the fish market
Capofaro vineyard with sea view in Salina

Choose JustSicily experts to design your tailor-made experience.

Whether you want to explore the art, culture, wine and food of Sicily or find the best location for your corporate or private event, JustSicily can help.  Our travel designers are ready to answer your questions and craft an experience that meets your needs.

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Explore and find inspirations for your next travel.

Answer the questions to filter our suggestions! And if you still don’t know what you would like to do, get inspired by exploring all the itineraries.
map of Sicily, flight to Palermo or Catania (near Taormina)

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Wine tour in the Sicilian Baroque of Valle di Noto

Palermo Walking Tour –
The Regnants and the People

The Florios of Sicily – The origins of the Florio family

Wine tour around Marsala and Sicania Lands

Tour of the ancient craftsmen of Palermo

Wine Tour of Marsala and Erice

Discovering Palermo’s street food and traditions by Moto Ape

Wine tour in the best wineries around Monreale and Palermo

Monreale - Alcamo - Palermo

Discover Palermo’s boutiques and artisans with a personal shopper